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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use different products for different jobs, aren't they all the same?

No, each and every AF product has been designed for a purpose. To do a specific job. For instance, the formulation in Screenclene (which cleans glass) is very different to Phoneclene (which is plastic and therefore requires a more substantial cleaning formula). There is an AF product designed to suit every piece of equipment in today's work environment.

I know that all AF products are anti-static. Is this important?

Yes vitally. The build up of dust on any electrical equipment is far greater than on any other surface, so not only is it important to clean regularly, but to use an anti-static product that actively helps reduce the build up of harmful dust particles. Beware of cheaper products that do not have anti-static properties.

Ear defenders are mandatory in my workplace. Do AF offer any cleaning solutions that I could use on a daily basis?

Absolutely, we have the NEW Hearing protection wipes. A flat pack of 40 wipes, easy to use on a daily basis to keep hearing protection equipment in tip top condition!

What about TFT screens - do they need special treatment?

Yes they do. It is possible to use a standard screen cleaner on occasions, but over a period of time the formulation could cause damage to a soft TFT screen. Far better to use the dedicated Laptop Clene product which has a gentle formulation and was made specially to do this job.

What is an invertible airduster and when should I use one?

If you are using an air duster 'upside down', for instance to blow out debris from the back of a CPU, an invertible airduster will work at any angle WITHOUT spraying cold liquid as would happen if you attempted to use a non-invertible airduster in a non-upright position.

Why can't I just use a tissue to clean my screen?

Ordinary tissues may scratch certain types of screen and most of them will leave paper residue. A correctly formulated cleaning cloth should do neither.

I have recently purchased a VR headset and it is often shared. How do I keep it clean?

Headset Clene sachets are the ideal solution for the outer casing. A quick fix for the screen surfaces are Tech Wipes in a handy pack of 25 wipes - perfect for on the move.

I've heard that Foamclene can be used on many different surfaces, is this correct?

Yes, although Foamclene was developed to clean primarily plastic surfaces which is does extremely effectively, it has also been known to get red wine stains out of carpets and dirty marks from sofas. And of course it is perfect for cleaning the dashboard in your car!

Can AF screen cleaning products be used on flat screens such as LCD and TFT screens?

Yes, but remember not to press too hard!

Can alcohol based products be used on screens and filters?

No, alcohol based products can damage filter screens and special coatings on monitor screens. AF products are specially formulated without alcohol and are therefore safe to use on all screens and filters.

Help! I have dropped my tech in water. What do I do?

Don't panic! We have AF Tech rescue for these common accidents. The simple 3 step process is designed to draw out the moisture and dry out your gadget. Easy to store, it is the ultimate insurance product.

Why do AF make an invertible Sprayduster?

AF's invertible Sprayduster can be used at any angle without spraying liquid gas that could damage sensitive equipment and skin.

When should I use Sprayduster?

Use it to remove heavy deposits of dust and dirt that have accumulated over extended periods of time.

Why use foaming cleaners?

The bubbles in the cleaning foam penetrate the tiny crevices in the surface lifting out the dust and dirt.

Do you sell any kits for convenience?

Yes, we understand the importance of convenience. We now offer a range of kits such as the Hot Desk Kit, Essential Cleaning kit, Printer cleaning Kits and ATM/POS kits. All products are available individually too!

Why can't I use normal household cleaners on my computer rather than special computer cleaning products?

AF's cleaning products are specially formulated to ensure they do not contain abrasive or other chemicals that could affect your equipment.

I need to start a regular cleaning and maintenance routine on card reader equipment. What is the best solution?

Regular maintenance of point of sale/ATM equipment can reduce breakdown cost. We now offer an ultimate ATM/POS kit for regular cleaning maintenance. Refillable products and a sturdy carry case for transportation.

How do Toner Cloths work?

They are impregnated with a sticky material that helps the dust cling to the cloth.

Are AF cleaning products only for use in the traditional office environment?

No, absolutely not. They are ideal for many other environments such as retail, call centres, schools, on the move or at home.

I often eat at my desk. How do I remove unwanted crumbs from my keyboard?

An AF Sprayduster will quickly and powerfully blast away unwanted debris. For an extra sparkle use with AF Ultraclene.

My staff now use headsets in the office, is there an easy cleaning solution for this?

Yes, the correct product is Headset Clene utilising a gentle formulation that prevents damage to sensitive audio equipment. Regular cleaning is vital; especially if they are shared.

My mobile phone and IPad seem to consistently suffer from greasy finger prints; do you have a quick solution?

We have a variety of screen cleaning solutions from wet and dry wipes to travel size pump sprays and cloths. The NEW AF Smartwipe is a washable, super strong dry wipe that absorbs grease and leaves a sparkling finish.

Why do you need to clean computer drives?

Heat and static build up generated by computer systems attract dust and dirt which will clog up drives and vents leading to overheating and breakdown.

What is the best kit to use for cleaning the equipment on my desk?

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit is ideal for use and Workstation Cleaning Kit is a cost effective introduction for home office users.

What kind of damage can dust and dirt cause?

Dust and dirt is very abrasive on moving parts like drive heads and keyboard contacts which can lead to overheating and breakdown.

Which product has an approved solvent system?

Isoclene contains 99.7% Isopropanol which is approved internationally.

Why should I use special AF cloths?

AF Cloths are lint-free and do not contain chemicals or loose fibres that could leave residue in or on your equipment.

Which AF Cloth should I use?

For light cleaning use Safetiss or Computiss for heavier cleaning and large areas use Safecloths or Safewipes.

I have a tablet; do you have a special cleaner for this?

We have several cleaning available.  The Multi-Screen Clene Travel Kit gives you an excellent cleaning solution in a handy 25ml bottle, and a high quality micro-fibre cloth, easy to carry with you at all times.

My safety glasses are plagued with dust and grime on a daily basis. How can I remove this easily without scratching the lens?

The NEW Safety glasses cleaning wipes are perfect for easily removing daily dust and grime in a quick swipe.

Do you manufacture a product to tackle stubborn whiteboard ghosting?

Yes, AF Whiteboard renovator effectively removes stubborn ink ghosting. Best used with AF cloths for a sparkling finish.

I still have a traditional desk phone and would like a quick solution to freshen my handset.

Phone clene is the perfect desk companion, in a re sealable tub or individual sachets to quickly remove daily build-up of dust and grime on phone surfaces.

Do you have a solution for removing permanent ink?

We understand that accidents can happen and have an excellent solution. AF Permanent Ink Remover effectively removes permanent ink from cds, DVD’s, non-porous surfaces and computer casing.

What is the most eco-friendly sprayduster?

We offer the Sprayduster ZERO and the NEW Superduster ZERO that comply with the changes in F-gas legislation.